Saturday, October 19, 2002

Just looked at this post over at the Daily Kos. The chart of polls he puts up (courtesy of Prof. Pollkatz) is very interesting, and sort of puts me in Andy Rooney mode (apologies to all of you female sideline reporters out there):

Did you ever notice that Bush's approval numbers in FNC polls [look at the green diamond] are almost always consistently higher than in most of the other polls.

Why are the pop-tops on individual serving cans of Sacramentoâ„¢ Tomato Juice so hard to pull?

Sorry, lost in Andy land for the second musing (though a valid question neverthess!).

And, though Kos doesn't show this chart, notice that since about a year ago FNC his been consistently reporting the LOWEST disapproval. Always.

I report. You decide.

Welcome to Buckfush!

I have been looking at blogs for a few months now and it's not that I think I can do better, it's just that I want to add another progressive voice to the mix.

To let you know where I'm coming from...

Some of my favorite blogs are (in no particular order):

Media Whores Online


Daily Kos



Joe Conason's Journal (and his column in the New York Observer)

My Due Dilligence (aka "MyDD")


and many others.